9. Settling into NYC life

I feel like this week has been a very quiet week... Successfully submitted my essay on Monday, first one under the belt. Was treated by my flatmate to an AMAZING peanut butter doughnut! He's already clocked on to my peanut butter obsession. And, because I didn't buy it means I'm allowed to eat it guilt … Continue reading 9. Settling into NYC life


3. NYC – the beginning

I made it!! You'll all be pleased to know that, somehow, my two overweight bags made it onto the flight (one was 2.5kg over, the other was 3.5kg!!) Honestly have no idea how they got through! Must have been my great charm and charisma (and fluttering eyelashes) πŸ’πŸΌπŸ˜‚ Flight was great! I successfully watched four … Continue reading 3. NYC – the beginning