30. Weekend Away – Auburn, Alabama

Veterans Day was a 'floating holiday' in the US due to November 11th being a Saturday. Naturally, perfect excuse for a three day weekend, i.e. time to take a trip away! Coincidentally. Auburn were playing Georgia that weekend too.. (kinda kidding, Audrey and I booked flights for this weekend back in July! I only realised … Continue reading 30. Weekend Away – Auburn, Alabama


27. Mum and Dad Visit Part 3 – Baltimore

After the silly amount of walking I made them do in Boston and NYC (plus them touristing it up in Cape Cod and Washington DC), Mum and Dad were desperately in need of putting their feet up! I took a half day on Friday, jumped on the 2pm bus and headed down to Baltimore. Mum … Continue reading 27. Mum and Dad Visit Part 3 – Baltimore