19. Fitting fun activities in between essaying

The last two weeks mainly consisted of late nights in the office writing my Managerial Accounting and Finance essays…. so. much. fun..! But you’ll be pleased to hear they were all submitted on Friday, so done and dusted with that module. As much as my life has been consumed by accounting essays, I still tried to fit in some fun things.

I’m not going to bore you with reciting my days, as most of them would be essay related (ugh!)..

Last Friday night, finally explored Grove Street (near where I live). Really cute area, one of the roads is pedestrian only with bars and restaurants, so nice on a summer evening! Ended up going to a random restaurant and had this amazing sashimi (followed by a couple of cheeky gin and tonics)

I vowed to have a fun Sunday (that was the day with the best weather). Obviously brunch was an essential! Went to a place on my list in Greenwich Village called The Grey Dog, which was absolutely amazing!

We kinda got the whole “eating/exercise” combo the wrong way round.. Post hearty breakfast, we walked to TriBeCa to go do some free kayaking. Over summer, there are two places along the Hudson River where you can go kayaking for free (its run by volunteers and funded by donations). And who can complain about free activities and a view to go with it

It’s not all bad staying late in the office. Means you get to see sunset views:

Saying that, didn’t stop me going for drinks on a Tuesday (#rebel). It’s quickly approaching the current August Mountbatten’s leaving day (a new intake will come), so went to City Vineyard (which is right outside my work) for one of the girls leaving drinks.

FINALLY Friday arrived and the essay was all handed in! If I’ve ever heard a reason to have a drink, this was one! Because I am part of the Mountbatten IMC, we had to help out at the August intakes graduation. Chief photographer Patmore was on hand at the ceremony, but quickly resigned my post when food and drink started! After the ceremony, there was a four course dinner, drinks and an after party to follow.​

Actually such a fun evening. However. This was followed by Saturday class. Which was a major struggle when you’ve rolled in at 4am! Thankfully our new module lecturer let us go early. Amy, Charlotte and myself walked down from class to 14th street to go to an all you can eat sushi, Sushi Para 88. Yes you may think that the sushi would be grim, especially when we paid $26. But it was absolutely amazing, definitely got our money’s worth!

Sunday morning started pretty chilled. Then decided to venture to Williamsburg in Brooklyn to have a wander. Went to a cute traditional American diner, followed by checking a place of my list: Milk Bar (actually hadn’t ticked it off, so had to pause mid blog to go do that!) Basically it’s cereal milk flavoured ice cream, topped with cornflakes. May sound gross, but tasted incredible (especially if you’re a lover of the leftover milk at the bottom of your breakfast!)

After writing that, I realised that although I had two solid weeks of having to write essays, I still think I achieved quite a lot!

Definitely need to continue doing fun activities, regardless of how tired or busy I may be!




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