18. Exploring New York 

Apologies. Failed on uploading last week…

To be honest, didn’t do too many exciting things last week…. 

William and Alice flew back England on Monday night 💔 I had a presentation in class, so not a very fun Monday!

Tuesday night, I met a couple of friends at Brass Monkey for a couple of drinks (I know, rouge on a Tuesday), but just discussing how I really want to stay in America and what my options are. All very interesting. And I NEED to start networking for sure! 

Wednesday. I went for a marketing career seminar at the Mountbatten offices, from a English guy who worked for Virgin Atlantic North America for five years and has really set up his own company here in New York! Actually super interesting and made me start thinking about what I actually want to do post Mountbatten! After that, I whizzed down to the lower east side to meet two of my friends and go to a free comedy night. 

Note to self. Never sit near the front of a comedy!! Can safely say I’ve never been called Amazonian before. But I’ll take it 😂

Thursday was a really stuffy and humid day! Franky and I decided to go to the Frying Pan, which is basically a bar on a boat… not gonna lie, genuinely made me feel a bit sea sick..! And the boat doesn’t even move!

Friday, thankfully, was a chilled one!! As Saturday, we were celebrating my housemates birthday! We headed to Brooklyn to go to Smorgasburg (a food market in Williamsburg)

We found a cute happy hour bar for some margaritas. Before heading to Umami burger (another one ticked off my list!) 

Somehow. We escalated from dinner to tequila shots and coronitas, to a karaoke bar!! As you do…

Finished off a fun week with brunch. Obviously. At my new favourite Australian place in Hoboken!

Essays are coming up, so apologies, I haven’t been doing as many fun New Yorker things as a should be doing…! Promise I’ll step up my game soon..



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