17. I have visitors!!

I need another weekend to recover from this weekend. I am absolutely shattered!


But. Look who came to visit!!img_7282

After travelling the east coast of the US for the past two weeks, followed by a few days in Boston, they finished their trip by visiting little old me in New York!

William and Alice came and met me after work on Friday evening, we had a few drinks with some of my colleagues in a local TriBeCa bar, the Tap House. Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy / humid / attempting to thunderstorm, so any plans I had for a rooftop bar went out the window… However, this was remedied by a walk to Chinatown and a great Chinese dinner! Went back to the same Chinese I have been to before, just because its so cheap but so good: Shanghai Cafe Deluxe.

Post dinner, we needed both a walk (to help digest the massive amount of Chinese we ate) and obviously dessert! Walking from Chinatown, through SOHO and the Lower East Side, reaching Greenwich Village, where we found DÖ!! It’s been on my New York food list, but it’s so popular that queues are normally hours long!! We got there late at night, so only had to wait 20 minutes for the most amazing cookie dough!! Alice got the cookie dough ice cream sandwöch, William the Cookie Bomb (cookie dough muffin stuffed with nutella) and I got the cookie dough sandwich! Safe to say, had to eat it in multiple sittings and had a major food and sugar coma afterwards!

Saturday morning, up and at ’em! Met William and Alice for breakfast at Ellen’s Stardust Diner just after 9 am (had to make sure we fitted in all our activities!). Just off Broadway (the avenue), this diner has singing waiters / waitresses, most of whom either have been in Broadway shows or go on to be in them. Honestly they were all so talented! Bit of an odd experience being serenaded with Grease at breakfast, but I wasn’t complaining! 

To burn off our breakfast (especially WP with his chocolate chip pancakes!), we headed towards Central Park. On our way, had obligatory tourist pictures and found a small street market selling all sorts of NY goodies.

Mummy Patmore had found a great deal for us to rent bikes for two hours (always the bargain hunter). Bikes, helmets, baskets, locks, all the gear. Somehow we managed to cycle the ENTIRE of Central Park in an hour! On the map they gave us, it said it would take 3-4 hours…. we are such athletes! Was so much fun, actually quite hard at times (those sneaky hills), and VERY sweaty (sorry haha). But, would definitely recommend and would definitely do it again! (post cycling, straight to McDonalds for a large Diet Coke to cool off!!)img_8036

We walked back through Central Park to get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met). I’m able to get in for free with work, which is a definite perk! Obligatory steps photos… before heading inside, mainly to go to the rooftop bar haha (we attempted the cultural activities Mummy…)

In desperate need of a shower / refreshing ourselves, we started the 40 block walk back to W&A’s hotel, via froyo… obvs!

Saturday evening was Mets night! Alice had never been to a baseball game, and you can’t come to New York and not see some form of sport! To be fair, as much as I normally say baseball is boring, I genuinely really enjoyed this game. Stayed for the whole game (for once) and there were post game fireworks, which were amazing!!img_8116img_8127img_8148img_8163

We had such big plans to go meet my friends out on Saturday night, but all the walking and cycling we had done = shattered! Still didn’t get to bed till 1am (after travelling back from Queens, pit stopping in Times Square and then my journey back home), very exhausting day!

Sunday plans didn’t start great… I slept through my alarm, woops! But. Still got to W&A’s hotel by 9.45 am (bed to their hotel in 1 hour, very impressed with myself). We had no plans for breakfast, literally googled “breakfast near me” and found this cute little diner tucked away. Authentic American diner, not touristy at all, refillable coffee and a massive menu where everything looked and sounded amazing!img_8183

The next thing to do after a massive breakfast = swimming, obviously. When we were cycling on Saturday, we passed a swimming pool in Central Park (I had never been up that far before, so didn’t even know it existed!), and after some googling, found out its completely free to go to! Off we popped to cool down. The pool was bloody freezing, but was definitely needed in hot hot hot New York!img_8186

One of the only things William wanted to definitely do in New York was go to Katz Delicatessen in the Lower East Side, after seeing it on Man vs Food. It was on my food list, so very happy to go! Basically a MASSIVE (and expensive) pastrami sandwich. But I have to say, that pastrami was incredible (and I’m sure William and Alice would agree), so definitely worth going to!img_8191

We had to drop some stuff at my apartment (William and Alice stayed with me Sunday night), so headed back there, via the Friends apartment, an obvious “must see”.

Sunday evening, Mum and Dad had kindly offered to pay for our dinner. We needed to be near the World Trade Center, so went to Brookfield Place (which is on the Hudson river) to find a restaurant. We randomly chose one that had a nice view, P.J. Clarke’s, with no expectations on the food. Honestly so surprised, the food was SO good!!

After dinner, we had booked tickets to go to the One World Observatory (top of the Freedom Tower). We timed it perfectly for sunset. I don’t even need to say anything, the views speak for themselves:img_8231

I can safely say the weekend was activity packed and SO MUCH FUN! However, all of this week I have been a zombie, still exhausted!

Well done William and Alice, you broke me!



One thought on “17. I have visitors!!

  1. Marion says:

    Wore me out just reading this blog Francesca 👍. Am so enjoying your blogs. Have you found a nice tall man yet? Sure there must be plenty in NY. OH and by the way don’t forget he has to have a grandad 😉😉. Keep the blogs coming. Lots if love Marion xxxx

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