16. Weekend Away – Miami, 4th July Holiday

Exhausted. Depleted bank account. Pile of dirty laundry. In desperate need of a quiet few days and a good nights sleep. I think I did Miami right!

4th July national holiday equals the perfect excuse for a long weekend away. Hello 5 days in Miami!

Flew out at 6am Saturday morning. Checked into our hostel, Bed ‘n’ Drinks (original right), then straight out for breakfast.  

Obviously, beach diet was going well… We went straight to the beach after, can’t miss out on tanning time

We had big plans to go out to one of the massive clubs in Miami, but it was just too much hassle to organise (i.e. Not pay a ridiculous amount of money to get in). Instead, we went to The Clevelander on Ocean Drive. 

Rolling in at 4am = a VERY long Saturday!

You would think Sunday would then have been a day relaxing at the beach… instead, we made friends with a promoter and were able to get into the SLS pool party. Guys normally pay $100 and girls are free, but we managed to get it so the guys paid $40 and girls paid $20. Also, because we went with a promoter, girls got free drinks all day and night!! I can honestly say, it was one of the best days!

Post Sunday’s pool party, a beach day was definitely in order 

Monday night, Chloe (my friend from Plymouth Uni) came and met us. We then went to Wynwood Walls, which is just over the water from South Beach. I thought Wynwood was just amazing graffitied walls down the street, but there was a whole park dedicated to this! 

Chloe and I then left the others to go meet our friend Sami (an American who came and did a masters at Plymouth) in south Miami. Went to the World of Beer pub for a trivia night. And quite a cool concept where you get your drinks (beers) there and order in food from places around the area.

Tuesday was Fourth of July = Independence Day. Sami had invited me to an pool party that her brother Joey had spare tickets for. Joey works for Patron who had rented out a cabana at The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Miami. Honestly the fanciest hotel. Had free food and free drinks all day, followed by fireworks that evening! I got to join Sami, her bot friend Brett, her brother Joey, his girlfriend, colleagues and others for an all American Fourth of July!

Wednesday came around so quickly, 5 days went so quickly!! Our flight wasn’t until 8.30pm. So last beach opportunity to tan!GoPro2GoPro4GoPro9

As much as I was sad to leave Miami, I kept forgetting I was going back to New York. Really not all bad!!

And you’ll be pleased to hear I’ve turned from looking like a lobster to a bronzed goddess….maybe….

Back to (semi) reality



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