15. So. Many. Activities. 

I’m actually so glad I decided to start this blog. I struggle to remember what is done the week before, let alone remember all the great things over the whole year!!

I had something on every single evening this week. I know. I’m so popular… Okay, admittedly, Monday was masters class, so that’s not very exciting.

Before my class I had a meeting for the IMC. The Intern Management Committee (IMC) is a group of us Mountbatten trainees who represent our intake and provides a dialogue to the Mountbatten staff. I applied on a whim on the weekend, but actually got accepted! So Monday’s meeting was a kick off meeting with the current IMC (who are made up of the previous August intake).

Tuesday was one of the other Mountbattens birthdays (who also sits two seats away from me at work). So obviously had to go for obligatory celebratory drinks. Luckily just went to a cheap happy hour bar on the lower east side. So more of casual Tuesday drinks!

On Wednesday, my friend Chloe (who I studied with at uni in Plymouth) came to stay. She has been working in Florida for the past year as part of her degree and is currently travelling. So just a quick pitstop at mine on her way up to Boston. I know, I should start charging B&B services (even if I only offer a sofa to sleep on and no breakfast..!) It was such a nice day on Wednesday, so we decided to tick off two places on my ‘New York hit list’. Rather than going out for dinner, we went for an ultimate milkshake at Blacktap. No joke, these milkshakes are a whole new level of milkshake… Classic America! See the picture below if you don’t believe me! (Obviously mine was the peanut butter flavoured one!)

After our ‘dessert for dinner’, we walked up to the meatpacking district to go to the Le Bain bar (a rooftop bar at the top of The Standard Hotel). We accidentally timed it perfectly for sunset!

Thursday evening we had after work drinks, basically a mixer for everyone on my floor. Free drinks and canapés, yes please! After that, four of us Mountbattens and one of the girls in my team went for a Chinese in china town (a 15 minute walk from my work). The restaurant we went to, Shanghai Cafe, was amazing (the queue out the door should have been a hint)! Plus, it was so cheap. For five us, each getting our own meal and sharing two portions of dumplings, the total bill was $40! Just insane. Especially that the food was so good! 

Pleased to say, I’ve been going to the gym every morning (counteracting the amount of eating and drinking I’ve done this week!) But going to the gym at my work means I have no excuse. Plus the view is pretty great…

Thankfully Friday night was very chilled, just watching a movie! 🎉

Saturday, the weather was really nice! I didn’t have much planned, but wanted to get outside. So I just headed into the city, book in one hand, iced coffee in the other. Went to Bryant Park, read my book and watched the world go by. So chilled. 

Making up for that evening. My roommates birthday was on Sunday, so a big night out was planned for Saturday night. Pre drinks were at my apartment, cake and balloon included, followed by a night out at Pianos (lower east side). Naturally, drinks were constantly flowing 🙊

Regardless of how hungover I felt on Sunday morning, I was DEFINITELY getting up early. Sunday was Gay Pride in NYC. And I can honestly say it was the happiest place to be! We spent 3 hours stood in the sun (queue sunburn) watching the parade on 5th Avenue, something I would recommend to everyone! 

Post parade, we decided ice cream was a necessity. And an excuse to tick another place of my New York list. We walked down to meatpacking district to go to Ample Hills Creamery. And. This is where I met my new pal Sam! Just casually walked past Sam Smith in the street. I didn’t even recognise him (my friend chloe did), but I have to say, he’s such a nice person! 

A great day, topped off with amazing ice cream! The flavours at Ample Hills are just incredible! I had a pretzel flavour and ooey gooey flavour (or something like that). Either way, they were just great!

Safe to say, been an amazing week! And I feel like I’ve actually been acting like a local 💁🏼 (or atleast going to local places and pretending I am)



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