14. Rugby Gala

My sincere apologies on the lateness of this post! I was planning on writing this on Monday, but time just ran away from me, and now its Friday…. oops.

To be honest, I don’t actually have that much to report from the week. It was a very chilled out week and weekend which was just ideal!

A significant highlight of my week was the Play Rugby Gala, a black tie event hosted at CURRENT, Pier 59 at Chelsea Piers. It was supporting the mission of Play Rugby USA and raising money for the young people they impact through their programs.

Us Mountbattens who had volunteered at the USA Ireland rugby game the previous weekend all got invited to the Gala. None of us were going to complain. Free food. Free drinks. (And some nice looking rugby men!)

Over 250 guests attended the gala, with more than $248,500 raised through silent auctions, sponsorship and pledges. Overall was a great evening raising money for a worthy cause!

The rest of my week was very uneventful in comparison!

Friday night we had a movie night.

I had Masters class on Saturday, and had an evening in with friends, snacks and chats (lols I sound so sad!).

Sunday morning, I went to a boot camp that one of the August Mountbattens has just started running which, honestly, absolutely killed me! Not only was it a really intense workout, it was also SO humid, with temperatures in the late 20s!! Felt so good afterwards though! Sunday afternoon was spent wandering around Hoboken, was a really sunny day so would have been rude not to!

I promise I’ll write the next blog post on time!



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