12. Work and Masters

Disclaimer number 1.

I did absolutely nothing exciting this week. No fun New York activities unfortunately!

Disclaimer number 2.

I do actually have to work and do university work whilst I’m here. Unfortunately.

I have two essays due on June 9th, both 2500 words each. So. Naturally. I leave it to the last minute… (I strongly advise not doing this!!)

As a reminder to anyone (/everyone), I am studying for a Masters in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Global Business (just a bit of a mouthful!).

I have to attend class every Monday evening after work and (on average) one Saturday class every month.

So far, I have completed one module, in Work Based Learning, which consisted of a 5000 word reflective report. This second module I’m currently studying is on Leadership and Organisational Effectiveness. One of my essays is a critical analysis on leadership and management in my work place, the other is a critical reflection on myself as a leader. Safe to say, I’m not enjoying these reflection essays. Never before have I been allowed to write ‘I’ in an essay, so am slightly struggling on getting my head around that. But I’ll get there..

My entire weekend and the majority of my evenings have been designated to writing these essays. I stayed at work until 9.30pm last night attempting to finish them. Not cool. But, I find it easier to focus on the essays if I stay at work as there is less distractions around me.

But, only a few more days to go and they’ll be all handed in. Last push.

Second reminder for everyone. I’m working as a Strategic Analyst during my time in New York.

Basically my entire role surrounds the digitization of forms.  There are currently 800-1000 forms that are used for the enrollment of new clients and for opening new products for existing clients. My role is to completely eliminate the use of paper within the account opening process and to create a digital client experience. I am currently working on the creation of a matrix which establishes the required data points that would be needed based on a client’s account types and the products of their choosing. Because I’m not completely up to speed with everything that happens in the organisation, I spend a lot of time chasing other people to try and get answers to my questions!

I sit directly next to my boss which is actually quite helpful with question answering. Although, he is ALWAYS busy! He’s involved in so many projects that he is constantly in a meeting or on the phone. However, I get on with him really well (he’s only four years older than me which I guess is helpful), and he’s so nice, friendly and helpful, so no complaints from me.

Not sure if any of you actually wanted to know any of that, but, you’re welcome!

Highlight of the week was getting a VERY belated birthday present from Milly! (She knows me well! 😂)

I did manage to go to the gym and running this weekend, so can show you some pretty photos..

I can only apologise for how unexciting this blog post has been…!

I PROMISE my next one will be a lot more exciting, with some form of New York activity.



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