11. Memorial Day weekend

How have I almost been here two months!

You’ll be pleased to know that my week was A LOT less alcohol fuelled! The only dramatic thing that happened this week was me attempting to chop the top of my finger off…. good one FP! I’ll spare you the details or graphic photos, but safe to say, forth finger on my right hand is a bit worse for wear…. 🤦🏼‍♀️

The weekend just gone was Memorial Day weekend = a three day weekend. Got to finish work at 2pm on Friday. I then sent straight to the bus station to jump on a bus to Baltimore to go visit Audrey! 

(Statues in 42nd Street Port Authority Bus Station)

Friday evening when I got to Baltimore we went straight out for sushi. Honestly. Amazing. 

Waking up to this view was just great 

Plus. Visiting a house where had the fridge consists of alcohol… No complaints from me 

Had such a nice relaxing weekend! Can’t say I got up to that much… The weather was temperamental. Sunny one moment, thunderstorms the next!
The weekend consisted of sunbathing, kayaking, eating, drinking, shopping and general relaxing ❤️🙌🏼

One evening we had dinner at a bar by the water where boats can pull up and come for drinks 

Susan (Audrey’s mum) made the BEST dinner on Saturday – lamb pittas with a corn salad and beetroot salad 

Finally. Audrey and I got a photo together!!

So glad I went there this weekend. So relaxing and exactly what I needed ❤️

Short and sweet post this week! And can’t imagine the next one will be that exciting… have two essays due a week on Friday… I should probably stop writing this and atRt writing them!



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