10. Socialising in NYC

I feel like this week escalated from 1 to 100 very quickly 😂🙈

The beginning of the week was very quiet. Just work and class. The weather this week was really nice, highs of 34 degrees! Has been so nice being able to walk around without a coat. On Tuesday I went for a  swim at a pool in the Upper East Side neighbourhood in Manhattan and decided to walk back through Central Park. Best decision. Saw the most amazing sunset!!

On Wednesday evening, I went to an event arranged by Mountbatten hosted by the British Schools and Univeristy Club of New York who were celebrating the Commonwealth. Hosted at India House in Hanover Square, it was a really interesting evening and a good chance to network (plus an open bar, so I’m not complaining). Following the event, is Mountbattens and the Mountbatten staff went for drinks in Stone Street, which is a really cool street in the financial district where the street is closed off from cars and people drink in the street 

I also can never get bored of the New York skyline, so here’s another photo from my walk home that evening 

Safe to say, waking up Thursday morning was a struggle 😴

Thursday was the hottest day of the week, 34 degrees. And, of course, this was the day of the Wall Street Run, which is a 5k charity run in aid of the American Heart Association. At work we had a Citi Private Bank team, of just over 100 of us running. Citi as a whole had the largest corporate team. I’m actually so glad I was a part of it, so much fun. Plus post run work food and drinks, so win win.. But it was one hell of a sweaty 5k run 😂

Friday evening I met up with mums friends Kirsty and Don who were visiting from Australia. Had an amazing dinner down by the waterfront of seabass and ratatouille. Followed by A LOT of cocktails! Drinks by the river, then up at Bar 65 the Rainbow Room in the Rockefeller Center and then drinks at the bar at the bottom. Safe to say, I was a lot drunker than expected…!

Last week and this week there were quite a few Mountbatten birthdays. So on Saturday a load of us went to a rooftop club event at Output in Brooklyn. Honestly so so so much fun. But, obviously, a lot of alcohol was consumed (I’m sensing a theme here….), drinking from 1pm – 3.30am…. not advisable! But. One of the best drinking/nights out I’ve had, with such great views!

And. You guessed it. My hangover was HORRENDOUS on Sunday 🙈 So. Naturally. I went to Six Flags theme park… my advice to everyone = don’t go to a theme park hungover!! I still had such a great time there, just regret being hungover. Six Flags is such a fun day out. Mountbatten organised transport and the ticket for $30, such good value, and so worth going! Admittedly I had to miss a few rides due to my fragile state, but the rides I went on were incredible! Definitely going back!!

I may have slept for most of the journey home, but still managed to wake up in time to see this amazing street art in New Jersey

Guys. I think I’m getting too old for this drinking malarchy. Work today was sooo long!! Literally the most tired I’ve been in a long time. And refuse to admit I may have had a two day hangover…

This week is going to be a lot more chilled out and a lot less alcohol involved, I promise! Memorial weekend is coming up, so can’t wait for a three day weekend!

Catch you up on more news soon



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