9. Settling into NYC life

I feel like this week has been a very quiet week…

Successfully submitted my essay on Monday, first one under the belt. Was treated by my flatmate to an AMAZING peanut butter doughnut! He’s already clocked on to my peanut butter obsession. And, because I didn’t buy it means I’m allowed to eat it guilt free right?

This week was pretty uneventful. I went for drinks with work on Thursday night as one of the guys was leaving.

Friday night a group of us went for drinks in Greenwich Village at a place called Off The Wagon, before heading to a comedy club. I have to say, I would never be able to do stand up comedy. We saw about ten comedians, some of which were actually really funny! That being said, some of the comedians were awful!! Like face in hands bad! 🙈

After the show, went for a few more drinks before going to Artichoke Basilles Pizza (a famous pizza place in New York), known for their, you guessed it, artichoke pizza… who would have thought! Initially really good, but, the slices are just so big that it just became sickly!

First proper weekend with no Saturday Masters class and it absolutely pissed it down all day!! Like absolutely torrential rain. So. Not. Cool. Had a bit of a movie day. With a mid day gym break, where I got soaked walking to Hoboken (literally 10 minute walk and I was dripping).

Saturday night I went for dinner and drinks with three of the girls. So classy I know 💁🏼 We went to Dos Caminos in the meatpacking district. A humongous bowl of guacamole, naked mahi mahi taco bowl, sangria, no complaints from me ❤️

We then went to a beer garden underneath the high line, which was actually quite cool. Bet it will be so good in summer, but last was pretty cold…

Not sure what I plan on doing with my Sunday. Most likely a day of life admin…

Hopefully next week will be a better update for you all 🤦🏼‍♀️



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