8. First week of May

How have I been here for a whole month already?!! Has absolutely flown by!

This week. Felt like it was going slow, but it’s already the weekend!

On Wednesday, I volunteered at a super cool event through Mountbatten, the St George’s Society English Ball (black tie and everything!), which was hosted at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

SUCH a nice hotel! I definitely didn’t fit in until I got changed into black tie attire! 😂

The St. George’s Society of New York is a charity helping disadvantaged British and Commonwealth individuals living in New York, through their membership network. The English Ball was a fundraising event to help struggling students complete their studies. For individuals who are extremely successful at college, but for personal reasons are unable to complete their degree, the money raised by St. George’s helps pay for the remainder of their degree.

I volunteered to help at the event. This consisted of setting up the event, checking in guests and helping with the ‘auction’ (when individuals could pledge money).

The event honoured Natalie T. Pray and Antonia Romeo and there was a speech from Jim Dale

There were six Mountbattens that volunteered at the event. Once the auction was over, we were free to have dinner, drinks and enjoy the event! 🎉 Honestly was worth volunteering at the event just for the dinner!! Steak steak steak

There was also an open bar….. you can imagine how that ended!

And I’m now about to bombard you with A LOT of photos from the night…:

Safe to say, work wasn’t fun on Thursday!

Friday = torrential rain! Literally, the most ridiculous weather ever!

There was a flood warning across Manhattan, so many of the subway stations were flooded and all the lines had delays or shut stations! Absolute nightmare. So. Obviously perfect night to go out ehy? Friday was Cinco de Mayo, which obviously America celebrate like crazy! We bought tickets for SideBar, $19 for a 3 hour open bar…. margaritas all round!

Had yet another Saturday class. Ugh. Only made better by a great lunch at Poketaria, a tuna and salmon poke bowl

Unfortunately my essay is due in on Monday, meaning no going out for me tonight, early morning tomorrow, all day essay writing tomorrow. Joys.

But. Essay in on Monday, no Saturday class next weekend, so hopefully more to report to you next week!



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