7. Birthday Blog

25 on the 25th

I’ve successfully had a “Birthday Week” 🎉

Being the big kid I am, woke up early to open my cards and presents ❤️ obviously

The weather was horrendous all day, literally torrential rain. Any plans I had of going to a rooftop bar went out the window. So instead, after work, a group of us went to a bar in Hoboken in New Jersey for dinner and drinks. Followed by a great birthday cake!! (And it’s safe to say I ate SO much of it!)

I then came home to a great present from Mummy and Daddy (thank you), a beautiful bunch of flowers and a birthday balloon 😘

Friday was my friend Nancy’s birthday, so Friday night we had a joint birthday pre drinks. Conveniently our apartments are next door to each another, so obviously  one massive pre drinks across the two apartments. Snacks, punch, cake, beer pong = recipe for a great party (and one hell of a hangover). Safe to say I’m still great at beer pong 💁🏼

We then went out to a bar in Lower East Side called Pianos. From what I remember, it was a great bar…

You’ll all find it hilarious to know that on Saturday I had all day Masters class, 10am-5pm! Literally. The longest day. Ever.

But. I am now an old lady. Quarter of a century. At least I did it in style!



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