5. Settling into NYC life

So. Apparently time has just run away from me. It’s been almost two weeks since I last posted! Apologies!

I can’t really report any exciting news at work… My boss went on holiday for a week (to London, ironically), so for my first week and a half, I didn’t really do much except training and trying to get access to various softwares at Citi. My boss returned on Tuesday (18th April), so I have actually started doing work for my designated role!

In regards to my Masters, I am currently playing catch up (because I came out to New York later than others). I have a 5000 word essay due in a few weeks (got given an extension), so should probably get round to writing that…

But less about work, as that’s not exciting to anyone…!

I’ve been doing my best at being a typical New York tourist!

  • Charging Bull and Fearless Girl

  • Walked over Brooklyn Bridge and spent the afternoon in Brooklyn Bridge Park

  • Rooftop bar – 230 5th

  • Morning run views

  • Seeing what New York nightlife has to offer – Girls night out

  • Easter Sunday spent playing American Football in Central Park (that’s a lie, more just throwing the ball… which I have to say I’m pretty good at!)
  • Went to a Yankees baseball game. They were playing St Louis Cardinals and won 9-3

  • And, an example of the ridiculous food on offer in America – at Clinton Hall you can get a “Flamin’ Hot Doughnut Grilled Cheese served with a hot and steamy bowl of tomato soup” (don’t worry, I didn’t eat that all by myself!)

I have some great news for you all. I have finally started going to the gym 😂 After two weeks of only going on a couple of runs and eating the “worst” food possible (literally feel like a balloon, face the size of the moon!), giving myself a kick up the bum to get back into food and exercise! I’ve started a free trial at my gym at work, which is a surprisingly good gym! Although, after two days of going, my body is dying! Literally ache all over haha. Serves me right!

Will try and update you all with more soon



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