4. First weekend

  • Social Security Number ✅ 
  • Drugs test ✅ 
  • Fingerprinting ✅ 

After jumping through the hoops, I can finally start work!

Friday was my first day at Citi, working as a strategic analyst. The day consisted of meeting my team (who are all so nice), watching training videos, sitting in on a two hour senior management meeting and getting lost in my massive building! A lot of information to take on, but I think this year is going to be really interesting!

Friday night a group of us went to a couple of bars in Brooklyn, one of which had $1 beers…. Saturday morning wasn’t fun!

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a really cool area! Went there on Saturday afternoon to go to Smorgasburg food market. So. Much. Food. The smells were incredible! Annoyingly, the queues to wait for food were so long! I went to Tramezzini for a Venetian sandwich: 

Saturday night was a night out in TriBeCa, at a bar called Brass Monkey. So much fun, but not a fan of New York prices!

After wallowing in my own hungover self pity this morning, ventured out in the sunshine to see the new Fearless Girl statue by the Charging Bull, before walking over Brooklyn Bridge and spending the afternoon in Brooklyn bridge park. 

First Masters class tomorrow night 🤓 have the joys of playing a bit of catch up, need to get up to date with the work/reading…


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