3. NYC – the beginning

I made it!!

You’ll all be pleased to know that, somehow, my two overweight bags made it onto the flight (one was 2.5kg over, the other was 3.5kg!!) Honestly have no idea how they got through! Must have been my great charm and charisma (and fluttering eyelashes) πŸ’πŸΌπŸ˜‚

Flight was great! I successfully watched four movies: La La Land, Bridget Jones Baby, Moonlight and Lion (well, three and a half as I, annoyingly, didn’t manage to finish Lion). My flight was full, so didn’t have the luxury of making myself comfortable. But I had a window seat, so no complaints from me. Plus. It definitely helps that I genuinely like plane food, and who can complain when you get given a mini fab ice lolly…! Top work Virgin Atlantic

Landed early, made it through customs relatively quickly, bags were there waiting for me, ordered an uber and off I went. Simple ehy? I wish. It had all been going so smoothly, definitely too good to be true. I, being the really clever person that I am (πŸ™„), decided it would be a good idea to leave my documents folder in the baggage hall next to the trolley park (including all my relevant, very important, visa forms that I NEED to keep safe, birthday cards, money, etc.) . Good. One. Me. πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I didn’t realise this until half way into my Uber journey. Driving through the middle of Brooklyn with me having a major panic attack, calling every JFK lost and found number I could get hold of, messaging Mum and Dad in pure panic. Luckily I somehow had my passport with me! Well. Nothing I could do about it. Just had to hope the documents could be reissued…

Arrived in Newport, New Jersey, my new home for the next year, got the keys, showed to my room, I made it there. Got shown around the surrounding area: where to buy food, alcohol, the local gym, where to get the PATH train into New York, the mall, etc.

There’s five of us in my new apartment (getting into the American lingo) three guys and one other girl. I’m sharing a room (very common out here) with a very friendly girl (I definitely lucked out there!). Plus we have the largest shared room I’ve seen, an ensuite and a walk in wardrobe. Basically luxury right?

My first day in New York has consisted of orientation. A LONG day of filling in forms (Mum and Dad, why is my name so long?!), opening a bank account, instructions about what to do/not do and general NYC life!

Tomorrow (6th April) involves applying for my social security number and doing a drug test for work. Before starting work at Citi Private Bank on Friday!

What am I doing with my first proper evening I hear you ask. Well. I have great news. An officer from JFK emailed me to tell me he’s found my folder! What a great man!!

So as I speak (*type*), I’m sat on the E train back into Manhattan with my beloved folder ❀️ Who would have thought! Plus the money I had in there is still there! Proves there are some pretty great people in the world! (Also, thanks Mum and Dad for helping!)

Making my way home from JFK with a coffee (shattered) and my leftovers from lunch. Forgot how big Americans portions are, but, means I don’t have to think about dinner plans!

It all worked out in the end ☺️



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