2. Final day/night in the U.K. 🇬🇧

It’s finally arrived, my last night!! My flight leaves London Heathrow at 11.30am tomorrow morning. I.e. Last minute panic packing is happening!

So. How do you pack for a year in New York, I hear you ask. Answer = with extreme difficulty:
After multiple unpacks and repacks (thanks dad!), I have FINALLY got all my stuff in two checked-in bags, one hand luggage and one handbag. I seem to have picked absolutely everything I own 😂 Admittedly every single one of my bags is overweight 🙈🙊 so fingers crossed Virgin Atlantic are feeling generous about baggage weight tomorrow!

Had such a nice, although hectic, last day. Early start this morning. Managed to fit in a morning workout before early breakfast at Boston Tea Party with a friend. Last minute panic buying happened, most importantly US dollars and a bag weighing machine! Had a delicious leaving lunch with my parents and grandparents at Farleigh Road Cafe just outside of Bath.  

Early start tomorrow to get to Heathrow in time, nice 5am wake up 😱 so a relaxed evening with the parents tonight.

But. New York here I come!



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