6. Weekend away – Baltimore, Maryland

First weekend leaving NYC. Off to Baltimore to visit my friend Audrey (met her at camp in Maine and went to Auburn with her). After going to a drinks mixer in New York for the two Mountbatten intakes (my March intake and the previous August intake), two gin and tonics down, off I went on … Continue reading 6. Weekend away – Baltimore, Maryland


5. Settling into NYC life

So. Apparently time has just run away from me. It's been almost two weeks since I last posted! Apologies! I can't really report any exciting news at work... My boss went on holiday for a week (to London, ironically), so for my first week and a half, I didn't really do much except training and … Continue reading 5. Settling into NYC life

4. First weekend

Social Security Number βœ…  Drugs test βœ…  Fingerprinting βœ…  After jumping through the hoops, I can finally start work! Friday was my first day at Citi, working as a strategic analyst. The day consisted of meeting my team (who are all so nice), watching training videos, sitting in on a two hour senior management meeting … Continue reading 4. First weekend