1. New York Bound

*Creates a blog*
*Doesn’t know what to write* 🙈🤦🏼‍♀️

Well this blogging stuff is new to me… but I thought it would be a good way to keep everyone up to date with my American adventures.

I am off to New York for a year to do an internship and a Masters with the Mountbatten Institute. (..If I’m organised enough) I’m hoping to regularly post about my year abroad…. well, the interesting parts of it!!

I was accepted onto the masters programme back in November (2016) and then had a long wait to be placed into an company. This process involved MANY telephone interviews with prospective companies in New York for the internship part of the programme, until you get offered the job and accept it. Although it can be pretty disheartening not getting offered roles (honestly, friends and family are the only thing keeping your hopes alive), I have to say, the job I finally got was the only role I interviewed for that I genuinely felt excited by!

After a long wait, I finally got placed on Tuesday 14th March (coincidently on my sisters birthday, so she now has a valid point that it’s a pretty great day of the year…). Unfortunately this wasn’t in time for the first fly out date ,which was at the beginning of March, so I’m currently seeing the majority of my intake already experiencing everything New York has to offer 😢 Luckily there are quite a few people, like me, who will flying out at a later date – makes me feel slightly better!

I had my visa appointment at the US Embassy on Monday (27th March). You’ll all be pleased to hear that my visa has been approved, woooo! Now just waiting for my passport to be sent back to me (…slight requirement when you’re trying to fly out to New York).

I have officially been given a “fly out date” of Tuesday 4th April, in time to start orientation on the Wednesday. So here’s to my last weekend in England for a while..

Clinking Glasses on Apple

I guess it might be time to start packing….



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